Monitoring your security systems

A secure connection with Classic monitoring & RedCARE GSM

If you have invested in a professionally installed monitored system from Classic Security Solutions, you've had the foresight to realise that a traditional “bell on the wall” isn't good enough, but have you analysed the reliability of the link between your alarm system and the people that have to react to your needs.

Our Alarm Receiving Centre is operational 24hrs a day 365 days a year ready to respond to signals from your security systems. Whether from your intruder alarm, fire alarm, sprinklers, heating, water, lighting or any of a limitless number of other electronic systems, our Alarm Receiving Centre is always ready to respond appropriately and quickly to your emergency.

Most monitored systems depend on equipment that dials the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) when an incident occurs. If the telephone line is damaged, then the message doesn't get through. Even an engaged phone line or exchange can leave your premises vulnerable. RedCARE GSM solves these problems.

RedCARE GSM is the latest and most secure remote signalling system available. It works by monitoring your premises via two completely separate network paths: The BT RedCARE network and Celnet's GSM (Global System for Mobile ) radio network. RedCARE guarantees your premises become an anxiety free zone, providing you with complete peace of mind . Many insurance companies will offer a discount on annual premiums if RedCARE GSM is providing the security for your premises.

Everything considered, when Classic Security Solutions installs RedCARE you can rest assured that you have one of the worlds most secure signalling networks. Moreover you can use your phone line to make and take phone calls in the normal way. So, while Classic RedCARE is busy helping to protect the premises, it will be business as usual! 

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